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Hub City Stompers

Hub City Stompers made their first big wave with the 2004 debut album "Blood, Sweat, and Beers"- a collection of demented songs telling tales of debauchery. Hub City became known as the antidote to boring college bands dressed in checkers and 4 inch suspenders by turning modern ska music on its head. Born out of New Jersey's skinhead scene, they introduced the explosive energy and legendary hedonism of hardcore bands like Murphy's Law and No Redeeming Social Value to the otherwise safe world of ska in the twenty first century.

HCS followed up "Blood, Sweat. . . " with three more full lengths and the hilarious "Mass Appeal" EP. As the band's song catalog has grown, they have never lost their sense of humor or sold out by changing their sound. Songs like "Little Julie Swastika," "What The Fuck Is Up?," and the band's twisted Cure mutation "Skins Don't Cry" all stand the test of time and continue to appeal to hooligans all over the world. Their music is infectious, their sense of humor is tasteless, and their performances are legendary. What more could anyone want?

Sadly in the dark age of CD's and digital music, the vast majority of Hub City's back catalog was never pressed to vinyl until now. Crowd Control Media is all too excited to pop those cherries by releasing a definitive collection of the band's most memorable songs on "Caedes Sudor Fermentum: The Best of Dirty Jersey Years."

There are plans to release new material through Crowd Control Media.