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Oakland's Wartribe take inspiration from UK's class of 1982, using cues from the likes of The Violators, Blitz, Partisans, The Ejected, and Varukers to mix a classic melodic punk sound with Oi!. Their songs are particularly noted for their memorable guitar riffs and gruff but catchy vocals. With lyrics that take on the serious subject matter of class struggles and music that often takes on a dark ambiance of its own, Wartribe are not for the weak of heart.

Members of the band have previously done duties with Peligro Social, Monster Squad, and Suicidebomb, which contributes to their experience as performers and song writers, but Wartribe have a sound of their own independent of their past musical ventures. While they are skinhead fronted the remaining members of the band are all dyed in the wool punk rockers- demonstrating their beliefs in bridging gaps while fiercely standing against fascism and racism.

Crowd Control Media is proud to welcome Wartribe to the label's roster with a killer 7" and plans for more projects in the works. Fans of modern bands such as Criminal Damage and Ausencia as well as classic UK punk/Oi! will be sure to dig this band.