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The Authority! - Wreckage of the PastCrowd Control Media · CCM 001

The Authority! - Wreckage of the Past

This album contains all the material recorded by the Authority! between 1997-2001 completely remastered for your listening pleasure. This is an essential addition to any collector of American Oi!.

Down For Life - Comin' Out Swingin'! Crowd Control Media · CCM 002

Hardcore Influenced American Oi! from San Fernando Valley

Cycle Of Violence - Never Bow DownCrowd Control Media · CCM 003

Skinhead Hardcore Influenced Oi! from the streets of Detroit

Crucial Change - Mourning in America 7" Crowd Control Media · CCM 004

Picking up where "So it Begins" left off with 3 incredible tracks that take aim at racism, establishment and the system.

Footsoldier - Skinhead Forever 7" EP Crowd Control Media · CCM 005

Debut 7" from this Long Beach, CA Skinhead band.

Crucial Change So it Begins + Mourning In AmericaCrowd Control Media · CCM 006

Compact Disc featuring Crucial Changes "So it Begins" LP and "Mourning in America" 7" EP on one convenient disc.

Crucial Change - So It Begins (With Bonus Tracks) CDCrowd Control Media · CCM 007

CD version of the "So It Begins" LP included tracks from the "Mourning in America" E.P. Comes with a full color 6 page booklet.

The Warlords - Love It Or Leave ItCrowd Control Media · CCM 008

Los Angeles Hooli-Oi!

Fatskins - Viva!Crowd Control Media · CCM-009

The latest release from Phoenix, AZ Oi! Heavy Weights!

The Hardknocks - Battle ScarredCrowd Control Media · CCM 010

Debut LP from Los Angeles based The Hardknocks!

Los Brigands - Nothing's CleanCrowd Control Media · CCM 011

Debut LP from South Bay punk rock outfit, Los Brigands!

Royal Oi! - Bootboys And HooligansCrowd Control Media · CCM 012

Straight Out of Glascow with no fucks given, Royal Oi!'s debut LP!