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The Generators - Burning AmbitionCrowd Control Media · CCM 037

This album celebrates the 15th Anniversary edition of the band's 2nd full length LP, "Burning Ambition". Each track has carefully been re-mastered by Tom Lyle (Government Issue) and a bonus song has even been added to make this a very special piece of vinyl!

Hostile Minds - No Innocence 7" EPCrowd Control Media · CCM 038

HOSTILE MINDS, featuring Tom of Arch Rivals, is quickly making a name for themselves in the British Oi! scene and beyond! The raw, powerful anthems with a bite have been circulating on the internet for a while now and together with our release-partner Crowd Control Media we are proud to announce Hostile Minds’ debut EP “No Innocence”!

Wolf Bites Boy - Family Isn't Always BloodCrowd Control Media · CCM 039

Wolf bites boy features Rob Lad on Guitar & vocals (AWOL/Senseless), Paul H Drums (Living Dead/Senseless) and Stu Bass/Vocals (AWOL/Senseless).

Wolf bites boy carries on from the classic early sound of Senseless, Loud, Aggressive and uncompromising!

The Old Breed - Legend By Monday Morning LPCrowd Control Medial · CCM 040

Debut Full Length by Toledo, Ohio working class heroes, The Old Breed! 11 Tracks of catchy, sing along, Working Class Rock n Oi!

Contra Las Cuerdas- Resurgente 12", Hand #'d, LPCrowd Control Media · CCM 041

Brilliant skinhead rock n roll outfit from Costa Rica! Contra Las Cuerdas's "Resurgente" finally gets the vinyl treatment and it's a collectable masterpiece of Costa Rican Oi! and Rock N Roll! Hand #'d and limited to 250 copies!

Drastic Actions - Laced Up High! The Story So Far...Crowd Control Media · CCM 042

All prior Drastic Actions Recordings on one limited edition Cassette! Keep your eyes peeled for more releases by Drastic Actions through Crowd Control Media!

Baldwin Park Disasters - Brothers By ChoiceCrowd Control Media · CCM 043

Punk Rock Debauchery straight out of Baldwin Park, California!

Immoral Discipline Tried, Tested, Strong And True!Crowd Control Media · CCM 044

Brand New Full Length by DC Legends, Immoral Discipline! A Co-Release with Rebel Sound.

War Tribe - In The City E.P.Crowd Control Media · CCM 045

You heard them on Oi! The Tape Vol 1 and here they are with their debut 7"! It's a killer slab of wax featuring ex members of peligro social, monster squad, double-cross, cropnox, suicidebomb and short attention span! One of the best E.P's of 2016. Hand #'d to 300 copies, 100 splatter 200 black!

Power Split Vol 2 - Aggroculture U.S. / Wolf Bites BoyCrowd Control Media · CCM 047

Here we are with the 2nd volume of our Power Split series! We bring together 2 amazing bands, Aggroculture U.S. representing the USA and Wolf Bites Boy representing the United Kingdom!

Aggro Gang - Skinhead Rock N Roll 7" EPCrowd Control Media · CCM 048

Debut EP from Colombia's finest, Aggro Gang! Hand #'d and limited to 250 Copies!

Shotcallers - Shot Callers 7" EPCrowd Control Media · CCM 049

Debut 7" from Montreal Powerhouse, Shotcallers! 4 Anthems that will throat punch you into submission!