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AGGROCULTURE U.S. Intereview 04 Dec 2016

What you are reading is a quick interview with frontman “Ditch” and guitar slinger, Jimmy of Aggroculture U.S. , based out of Orange County, USA. After you read this interview, head to this link and pick up a copy of Power Split Vol 2 + 7" for $19.99! Just select December Promo from the pull down! *NOTE some lucky customers will receive a test pressing of Destiny Calls and all customers will receive the brand new 13 song sampler CD for The Hardknocks, while supplies last! LINK HERE!

CCM: Hey guys, you came on board to CCM during the infancy stages of the label. How have you as a band changed since the release of "Destiny Calls"?

Ditch: Hey, man. Thanks for talking with us. I would say our sound is generally pretty similar now, but we're maybe a little rawer in our approach. Since Destiny we have picked up a different bassist named Byron so that always changes things a bit on that end. Destiny was maybe a little bit more of a regional record with our Southern California punk influences showing through a little more obviously

Jimmy: Well the obvious answer is Byron our most recent bass player. His style of playing is a lot different than our old bass player Vince, a lot more technical and his tracks stand out a lot more

CCM: With the going of Vince and the coming of Byron, would you say things have changed for the better or worse in regards to band chemistry and the musical direction?

Jimmy: Vince was a great songwriter but due to his work schedule he was very limited. It was for the better, We loved Vince but the chemistry is a lot better with Byron. The song we recorded for Oi! The Tape Vol 2 shows that, it was a group effort.

Ditch: I loved Vince and I love Byron. The dynamic is different. I think they are both great players. I am grateful to have Byron as he's an amazing player and a great dude with tons of integrity. I really wished that Vince's schedule was more open and wasn't sure how we would find someone to fit in his shoes, but Byron exceeded expectations!

CCM: I’m glad you brought up Oi! The Tape, can you tell us more about the 2 unreleased songs you contributed to this very new and energetic compilation series?

Ditch: The first song is called "Every Other Week" and like Jimmy said that was our most collaborative effort with everyone adding parts to the music and arrangement. It's about collecting records which is a lot like collecting comic books or doing drugs. It's expensive and takes over your life. It's a conspiracy to keep us from joining the middle class!

Ditch: The second song is a cover from the great Texas hardcore legends Big Boys. We have a great amount of respect for them as musicians and the song conveys a message that we stand behind. We just want to play music and have fun, not keep up with all of the rules that change week to week. It also is a Cockney Rejects rip-off. When we first started doing it we played with a lot of hardcore punk bands at skate parks so that was also a way to bridge gaps and get people engaged with our live shows

Jimmy: Tapes ARE energetic! The original song "Every Other Week" was the first song all 4 of us really wrote and arranged together and it's one of my favorites we've done. Ryan nailed it on the lyrics...collecting records is like a crack addiction sometimes.The other track is a Big Boys cover that the band has been doing even before I joined. It's perfect for us because we're all about the fun and focus way less on the (scene) drama.

Ditch: Big Boys were pretty pivotal in the skate rock scene Jimmy: And I don't know if you've noticed...we're Big Boys. Get it?!?!

Ditch: That is true and we don't wear dresses but we can get kinda gay with each other if Star Wars is on Jimmy: The fact we're on this Tape makes it that much heavier Ditch: From what I gather the Big Boys and Bad Brains had it out over lifestyle choices back in the day Jimmy: HR ain't stealing my weed CCM: Earlier this year you dropped a split LP with an up and coming British band, Wolf Bites Boy. Can you tell us more about the split, what you liked about it, what you didn’t like about it if anything, and the feedback you have been given by fans who have picked up the album?

Jimmy: I liked seeing an advertisement for it in MRR who completely fucking ripped our EP to shreds. Hanging on Memphis Street recording it was the best part of it. The guys from the Hardknocks and Down For Life guys were always showing up. I had a blast getting David drunk on strong beers and playing Slayer songs on the guitar, Anthony telling us epic tales of representing the night before, Tony's amazing gang vocals and Myke actually smiling. It was a lot of fun.

Jimmy: We would never record anywhere else now; we’d feel like we were cheating on David.

Ditch: I'm pretty pleased with the way it came out. Our side is a mix of some brand new songs, a couple of unreleased early songs, and a cover of Slapshot's "Hang Up Your Boots." We had a lot of fun recording with David (Memphis Street Studios)from The Hardknocks. A lot of the Down For Life and Hardknocks guys were there while we recorded most of our stuff for that record and they joined the "Aggro Glee Chorus." I would love to see an MRR review so we can check in with our old pal who wrote about our 7" to see if we still sound like Skrewdriver meets the Descendents

CCM: That’s the whole Orange County thing coming into play again ha ha

Ditch: We are proud to be a band based in Orange County and grateful to the people here who support us. With that being said fuck White Power and meth, is that what you mean? Shout out to all of the bands of the past in Orange County who created some of the best music ever made!

Jimmy: I love and am proud where I was born and live. Like everywhere else no place is perfect but I wouldn't change it for anything.. LET'S GO DUCKS!

CCM: Do you guys have any up and coming shows planned in the near future?

Jimmy: We were going to play The Hardknocks Xmas show but Justin and I have family issues at the moment. He's actually in Texas right now taking care of our mother.

Ditch: Right now we all have to kind of put our families first, especially during the holiday season. It makes it tough to put in initiative to do gigs, so if we get offered something we will do our best to make it happen but this is always a quiet time of year for us.

Jimmy: And it's 2016...the way this year is going I'd probably fall while playing a gig. Oh wait... Ditch: We are summer sunshine music anyways.

Jimmy: Yeah losing Micky Fitz was a horrible way to end this year...we've ripped off that band more than any other really… Wait...we've been influenced by them more than any other haha.. but seriously, FUCK 2016!

CCM: 1 EP, 1 Split LP, and a couple tracks on Oi! The tape 2 that's due out in Early 2017. We can only assume a full length LP is next on the agenda. How would you summarize your experience as part of one of the fastest growing Oi! Labels in the United States?

Jimmy: Well the limos have been awesome; we do prefer riding to gigs in style

Ditch: We are ready to go gold on the next release.

Jimmy: They've been good with making sure our riders are always taken car of...especially the Maine lobster we request caught that day.

Ditch: In all seriousness it’s really great to work with people who are also friends and it's an honor to be on the label with great bands like Hardknocks, Down For Life, Warlords, Hub City Stompers, Pist N Broke, Wartribe, Defenders, The Brass, the list goes on forever. We are fans of the music that the label puts out so that helps and It has also given us opportunity to play with some of our favorite bands!

Jimmy: Because of our label we got to play with Victory not once but twice. I give CCM 5 stars for that alone!

CCM: You’ve seen us grow, stumble, and get back on our feet. You've been here from the start and all of us here at CCM have nothing but love and respect for you guys. It’s been fun and we look towards the future with Aggroculture U.S.

Jimmy: Put out the Young Idea album ASAP! And have a great rest of your days dudes!

DITCH: Thanks for all of your hard work and for this interview. Looking forward to 2016 being over and hoping the world doesn't crumble in 2017. Readers: Listen to Young Idea, Hardknocks and Down For Life!

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