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The Old Breed Intereview 04 Dec 2016

What you’re reading here ladies and gentlemen , is an interview with Guitarist and front man, Sam of The Old Breed. We released their debut LP “Legend By Monday Morning” in 2015 and they contributed 2 tracks the critically acclaimed Oi! The Tape Volume 1 in 2016, let’s catch up with The Old Breed.

CCM: The Old Breed joined the Crowd Control Media Label Family in 2015. With the release of the LP, how have things changed for The Old Breed?

SAM: Well first off we're a young band so when CCM offered to release Legend By Monday Morning we got a lot of exposure really quick that we probably still wouldn't have seen by now without it. So it really opened quite a few doors for us. We got an offer to jump on Midwest Live And Loud and of course Oi! The Tape and now we're also on Cashing In On Christmas 7. So I'd say it just really helped open a lot of doors for us. We’ve also made a lot of new friends through the CCM Family Network.

CCM: I’m glad you brought up Oi! The Tape, how is that selling for you guys at shows and in your scene? What is the general feedback?

Those things are selling like hot cakes on our end! Initially I didn't know how well a "tape" would sell so we only ordered 10 additional on top of band copies. We had 6 of those sold before we even played a show! The rest we sold at the first show we had at the time, people wanted them! So we had to re-order another batch and a few of those are already spoken for….! It's just a great comp and everybody I know who has it really likes it.

CCM: How was it playing Midwest Live & Loud, any cool stories to share?

SAM: Playing Live And Loud was AMAZING! I was already going then we got added to the bill last minute and it just kinda blew my mind! The whole weekend was a cool story really, just from seeing bands that we never see out here and meeting people, especially in bands who's albums you've been listening to forever and just the general camaraderie. I mean me and a couple friends talked to Graham Saxby from The Warriors for like an hour about everything from beer, to politics to the history of Oi! It was pretty fuckin rad!

CCM: Your Track on Cashing in on Christmas from our friends at Rebel Sound was an excellent addition to holiday mischief; did you guys have fun recording the song? Are you happy with the outcome?

SAM:Hahahahaha well thanks and yes we had a lot of fun! I'm the guy in the band who loves Punk Rock Christmas songs, so I didn't even ask anybody else's opinion when we got asked to do it I just said yes! We always have a good time when we record and this was no different. We went in at the end of June I think and it was hot out and when it came time for to do vocals I went in and put on a Santa suite and came back in the studio and everybody lost their shit. I was sweating my balls off but it was worth it! Definitely happy with how it came together, JC at Lake bottom Recording House always take really good care of us

CCM:I understand you have an upcoming split tape release coming out on Hipster Bait Tape Company and Crowd Control Media. Can you tell us more about that? I believe it should be out in early 2017.

SAM: Oh definitely, we're excited for that drop and I'm double excited for it! The split is us and the other band I'm in where I just play bass called The Waltz. The Waltz is more of a melodic punk band in the vein of Avail and Nothington I'd say. Anyway we recorded our part for it at the end of September and are super stoked on how it came out and just the tracks themselves. After listening to both sides back to back I think they fit together really well.

CCM: What shows do you have coming up and do you have any big plans for 2017?

SAM: Actually we have 2 shows come up with fellow CCM Label Family members. The Brass one in Detroit and one in Cleveland and then we have a couple of Toledo shows to start off the new year coming up as well. The big plan for 2017 is to keep branching out further we've got plans for Pittsburgh and we want to break into Chicago and try and get down to Atlanta and out to the East Coast too. We're also hoping to get back on Live and Loud this year as well as hopefully writing and dropping another full length.

CCM: Anything you’d like to put out there before we wrap up this interview?

SAM: Yeah I'd definitely like to thank Sheldon and Jesse for taking a chance on us and everybody else who's either caught us live or bought the album or supported us in any way! It's been a hell of a year and 2017 is shaping up to be more of the same! And one last thing to a true legend R.I.P. Micky Fitz

CCM: Thank you for your time Sam. We’re glad you’re part of the label family and look forward to working with Old Breed for a long time to come. READERS: Anyone reading this can pick up Old Breed’s debut LP “Legend By Monday Morning”with the embroidered patch and a copy of Oi! The Tape Vol 1 for $19.99 throughout the end of December! Just click here, then select DECEMBER DEAL from the pull down menu and check out!