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Down For Life - Comin' Out Swingin' CCM-002

Comin' Out Swingin' is the Debut Full Length from San Fernando Valley Powerhouse, Down For Life! Jewel Case CD with 6 page insert.


1.We Don't Need Your Respect
2.Plight Of The Working Man
3.Liberty or Death
4.Skinhead Rock'N'Roll
5.By My Side
7.Break The Mold
8.No Thanks
9.My Friend, My Brother
10.Chin Up
11.Down For Life
12.We're The Crew (Warzone Cover)

Track Listing

  1. 1 We Don't Need Your Respect
  2. 2 Plight Of The Working Man
  3. 3 Liberty Or Death
  4. 4 Skinhead Rock'n'Roll
  5. 5 By My Side
  6. 6 Unemployed
  7. 7 Break The Mold
  8. 8 No Thanks
  9. 9 My Friend, My Brother
  10. 12 We're The Crew (Warzone Cover)
  11. 10 Chin Up
  12. 11 Down For Life