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Immoral Discipline Tried, Tested, Strong And True! CCM-051

Brand New Full Length by DC Legends, Immoral Discipline! A Co-Release with Rebel Sound.

1.Worthy Things 02:45
2.Tried, Tested, Strong And True! 04:31
3.Riff RAF 02:12
4.Stay At Home Skinhead 02:11
5.What Happened To My City? 03:37
6.The Whole World's (Still) A Battlefield 03:07
7.Carry On! 03:12
8.Hell In A Handbasket 03:09
9.Fuck Your Christmas! 04:03
10.(More) Boots And Braces, (More) Stars And Stripes 03:03
11.Life's A Bitch (And So Are You!) 02:41
12.The Unknown Soldier 06:00