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Power Split Vol 2 - Aggroculture U.S. / Wolf Bites Boy CCM-047

Here we are with the 2nd volume of our Power Split series! We bring together 2 amazing bands, Aggroculture U.S. representing the USA and Wolf Bites Boy representing the United Kingdom!

16 Killer Tracks! Immediate Download with order!


Track Listing

  1. A1) Set In Stone
  2. A2) Lunatics In Power
  3. A3) Home That Time Forgot
  4. A4) 6 To 1
  5. A5) Hang Up You Boots
  6. A6) Cops Don't Go To Jail
  7. A7) Obsessed With Enemies
  8. A8) Life Is Easier
  9. A9) Oi! The DD
  10. B1) WBB-them and us
  11. B2) WBB-burn this city
  12. B3) WBB-working class hero
  13. B4) WBB-99 things to do
  14. B5) WBB-alive and kicking
  15. B6) WBB-i rise

Pressing Information

x300 hand #'d vinyl