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Dogs In The Fight: We Want Peace.. But Are Ready For War!
Anti-Social - Life Long Addictions
The Jollars - Half Cut
Bad Assets - On Trial
V/a Oi! Ain't Dead 4
Last Crusade S/T
Wolf Bites Boy - Family Isn't Always Blood
Headstrong - L.A. Bootboys
The Generators - Tyranny
The Generators - Rust To Ruin
Crime Spree - ST
Gary Bushell / Oi! The Boat Presents... Oi! Still Fighting
Lancasters - 2000-2005
Royal Oi! - Bootboys And Hooligans
Crucial Change - So it Begins (includes Mourning In America)
Down For Life - Comin' Out Swingin!
The Hardknocks - Battle Scarred
The Skoisters