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.riotgun Beer & Revolution LP CCM-014

.riotgun is back! Must own slab of wax, Punk Rock N Roll done right!

"RiotGun takes the best of punk, Oi!, Hardcore and rock and roll with no pomp or circumstance. Just a blue collar band delivering the goods with a streetwise sensibility. Honestly they do it better then most. And this record proves it, again. After the first listen I was blown away on how focused this record is. It is RiotGun's sound I love but a little leaner, and mean as fuck." Oi! Of America BLOG

Track Listing

  1. 2 Dollar Pints
  2. Beer and Revolution
  3. Lifes Too Short
  4. Beer and Rumours
  5. Hemicuda
  6. Murder Temptations
  7. Cheer
  8. Disposable Generation
  9. Puerto Rican Tamale
  10. You Can't Win

Pressing Information

400 X Orange /w Black Splatter
100 X Black