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Nowhere To Go Novel by S. Ludman CCMPG - 010

The Collector's Edition includes an embossed first page denoting it as the collectors edition. It will also be hand #'d on the front inside left hand corner /100. Signed upon request.

Foreword by. J. Michael Oxley (Fatskins)
Introduction by: Doug Kane (The Generators)

Matthew “Matt Attack” Potter is 15 years old and a human pinball ricocheting within the foster-care system. After years of abuse and neglect, Matthew breaks free and begins an odyssey to the West that will change his life forever. It’s late- ‘80s Los Angeles, where the punk-rock scene attracts all the weirdos, freaks, rejects and lost kids like him. Hoping to find his place among his fellow outcasts, Matthew becomes disillusioned when the punk-rock scene turns out to be nothing like his dreams.

He’s quickly thrust into the volatile world of skinhead gangs and teenage love, as punk music provides the defiant soundtrack to his journey. Matthew left a lifetime of abuse and horror and risked everything to get to Los Angeles, but will he survive? Or will he become another statistic lost to his own demons?

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