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Crown Court - Capital offence

After their incredible demo and the EP’s “Ruck And Roll” and “The English Disease” (all repressed multiple times and collected onto one CD named “Trouble From London”, Rebellion Records), Britain’s glory CROWN COURT are back with their first ever full-length album; “CAPITAL OFFENCE”!

01. Sammy Skyves
02. Media Blackout
03. What Are You Going To Do?
04. Hated But Rated
05. 22
06. Brotherhood Of The Banned
07. Thames Sake
08. Breakout
09. Disco Nigthmare
10. Attack
11. Park Lane Boys
12. The Province
13. Shapes Of The Day

Pressing Information

700 x black vinyl
600 x transparent blood red vinyl
200 x ultra-clear vinyl
30 x testpressing