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Coldside - Fuck Your System

The undisputed kings of heavyweight hardcore are back – COLDSIDE! Two years after “Outcasts, Thugs And Outsiders”, Florida’s hardcore hooligans are back with their third effort for STRENGTH RECORDS; entitled “FUCK YOUR SYSTEM”!

A1 Fuck Your System
A2 Forever (featuring Roger Miret)
A3 Defeated
A4 Ready For War
A5 Street Warriors (featuring Greg Huff)
B1 United States Of Regression (featuring Skam Dust)
B2 Lions Pride
B3 Full Of Rage (featuring Scopese and Nom)
B4 I’ve Had Enough (featuring Pat Edge, originally by Slapshot)
B5 Paid Our Dues

Pressing Information

350x black vinyl
450x electric blue vinyl
200x silver vinyl
15x testpressing